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This visually lush film takes place in France at the commencement of the eight wars (1562-98) waged between the Catholics and the Huguenots (anyone not Catholic: Lutheran, Calvinist, Anabaptist). A byproduct of the Council of Trent (1545-63) in which the Catholic Church condemns the heresies of the Protestants.  I would have preferred a plot focusing on the warring factions, their philosophies, debates, their commandments, their gruesome and pointless deaths. Instead we are beleaguered with the vicissitudes of beautiful Marie (Melanie Thierry) a woman of such loveliness that she inspires love and lust in all male counterparts. I found the plot pretentious, predictable and trite. Once again we have a woman bartered, traded like pork bellies on the masculine commodity exchange. Once spoiled, relegated to the “get thee to a nunnery” market.

Historically, in 1542 Spanish explorer Francisco de Orellana discovers the Amazon river and a tribe of warlike women. There are towns, villages in Mexico and India where females, with their unique procreative skills dominate, master and reign supreme in a world mapped, defined by their politics and constitution.

Lambert Wilson (“Of Gods and Men”) is the Count de Chabannes, one of the first conscientious objectors; gives up the savagery of battle to tutor (hence falls in love) with Marie. Sad, he seemed far too intelligent to succumb to Marie’s superficial, less than scholarly, sixteen- year- old charms, alas proving the intransigent potency of the “mind below the belt”.  The two cousins, one she loves the other forced to marry for family fortunes, one a feckless cad, the other a jealous, insecure wimp.

The battle scenes and the sweeping, lustrous landscapes lend a richness and depth absent in the characters. It would have been more appropriately named “The Prisoner of Montpensier” which was my state for the majority of “The Princess of Montpensier”.


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