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Reminiscent of “Back to the Future”, but infused with tremendous angst and a monumental desire to stop the vicissitudes of the future by “adventuring” back to 1973; Director Bryan Singer’s worthy quest to protect the “mutants” (a metaphor for society’s outcasts, with extra-terrestrial gifts) is successful in its legitimate depiction of those outside the traditional genetic composition.

Virginal, somehow “Marvel” madness and its addictive “mystique” shunned me, until recently;  for marvel mavens “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is a sublime soufflé, a delectable romp in the world of marvelous mutants.

Bullet-paced, circuitous, convoluted, the plot mummified my brain, resulting in greater attention to the actors: Hugh Jackman, buffed “Logan”, his hands, a manicurist’s nightmare; Michael Fassbender, “Eric” (problematic as to which “side” he champions); Jennifer Lawrence, impeccable, as the chameleon “Raven/Mystique”;  diminutive Peter Dinklage nattily and nastily portrays an evil mutant -slayer, “Bolivar Trask”; its James McAvoy as “Professor X” who ambushes  viewers attention;  he is conflicted and paralyzed by his powers;  impotent in saving his heart’s companion; comforting to see how well he fares in the future.

The film’s magic lies in its lack of cheekiness, camp; the characters do not use colloquialisms pervasive in today’s  vernacular: “like”, “hello ?”, “duh”, “you know”; their mission, and they reluctantly chose to accept it, was colossal,  life- threatening and saving; believable characterizations inform the challenging scenario. Especially authentic, were the scenes of the 70’s, and a particular gem was Mark Camacho’s succinct portrayal of President Richard Nixon.

Frank Herbert says “there is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is a complex chapter in a story that is never- ending.

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!


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