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A nimble and poignant portrait; “Yellow Rose” is a metaphorical, exquisite tale of a seventeen-year-old undocumented, talented young woman, “Rose Garcia” (inimitably gifted Eva Noblezada) whose mother, “Priscella Garcia” (Princess Punzalan) has been ferreted out by Immigration and Custom Enforcement and desolately returned to the Philippines, leaving distraught, but enterprising Rose to discover a path of survival, undetected by I.C.E.; the film careens towards sensationalism but is rescued by writer/director Diane Paragas’s prescient script and casting: Liam Booth as Rose’s infatuated boyfriend, “Elliot” glows with loving naiveté; Libby Villari gives a heartfelt, compelling depiction of “Jolene”, proprietor of a Texas honky-tonk bar, sheltering Rose, and pivotally initiates her relationship with legendary Dale Watson; he is achingly good playing himself and the marrow of Rose’s awakening.

“Yellow Rose” is timely without being pedantic; focusing on the grey area of those harbored illegally  within U.S. borders; a face, of those “huddled masses” yearning to live in the world’s most accepting society; melodies of haunting beauty sung by Noblezada, and Watson; lyrics, guaranteed to puncture one’s sensitivities and heart.



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