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Cecil B. DeMille’s  1956 “The Ten Commandments” still shimmers as one of the most iconic films of all time; technological wizardry, blatantly remarkable, set the bar for future filmmakers; it is a masterpiece enjoyed yearly by millions as a Passover/Easter traditional viewing experience; Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner are memorably cemented as the eponymous embodiment of “Moses” and “Ramses”. Christian ... Read More »


Religiously faithful to Gillian Flynn’s stunningly successful novel; an unmatched character study of an initially enviable relationship gone haywire; succinctly directed and cast, even those familiar with the book will be drawn into the labyrinth of irreducible intrigue. David Fincher scores again (“The Social Network”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) with a scenario, pervasively known, blessing it with layers ... Read More »


The only thing “strange” about this film is the title; profoundly realistic, poignantly, plaintively acted by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina; two men, after decades together “tie the knot”; instead of “happily ever after” sink precipitously into dependency, not to each other but family and friends. “Ben” (Lithgow) a painter of little distinction has relied on “George’s” (Molina) paycheck and ... Read More »


“Snowpiercer” is the bullet train of the post- apocalyptic era: because of a snafu in global- warming experiments, the world is shivering in the reincarnation of the ice age; eerily compelling, “Snowpiercer” is comprised of survivors, those destined to circumnavigate the globe for the remainder of their lives;  in perpetual motion, ceaselessly churning into the frozen, uninhabited, lethally beautiful landscape; ... Read More »


Brilliant, profoundly, even squeamishly honest; Roger Ebert’s life (1942-2013) is splayed across the screen; redolent of a life pungently, passionately imbibed;  almost singlehandedly he elevated the art of film to the celestial; uncompromising, through vicissitudes, heartache, glory he “did it his way”. Steve James (“Hoop Dreams”) and Mr. Ebert gift audiences a documentary, that regardless of one’s attraction to movies, ... Read More »


A film within a film within a film; resulting in diaphanous characterization; twisted scenarios, locations bouncing from Paris, Rome, New York City, even the most prescient will be challenged to follow the route to perdition.  Guilt- ridden men, whining, mournful women, director Paul Haggis’s  (“Crash”) convoluted, enervating plot leads to dissatisfaction, frustration and in the end, absolutely bereft of concern ... Read More »

Joe Movie Review

Nicholas Cage, recently turned fifty; in his latest film “Joe” he time travels back to his acting prowess of “Leaving Las Vegas”; barely recognizable, bearded, inked he is an ex-con running a day- labor crew that poisons undesirable trees, making room for developers to civilize the land; Joe is a nice guy with a volatile, alcoholic temper; Cage is superior ... Read More »

Draft Day

Kevin Costner is commanding as  “Sonny Weaver Jr.”, fictional general manager of the Cleveland Browns football team; he looks the part and imbues it with the proper angst and intelligence. His father, the legendary coach of the Browns has recently died; Sonny’s mission to build a “team of dreams” fumbles, is stymied by catastrophic obstacles blocking his decisions. The owner ... Read More »


For mystery lovers, photography enthusiasts, admirers of a contemporary explorer: Nathan Lerner (1913-1997) who unearthed the voluminous works of legendary “outside” artist, Henry Darger (1892-1973); this hypnotic documentary is a fascinating story of a solitary, insular person;  an enigamatic tale of a woman who chose to live her life shrouded in secrecy; all the while executing some of the most ... Read More »

Noah Movie Review

Admittedly, I have never given the biblical “Noah” much thought; the ark, pairs of animals and the forty days and nights of rain (Seattle residents can relate to this) sums up my limited level of knowledge or curiosity.  With no expectations I watched Darren Aronofsky’s vividly imaginative interpretation, of what many consider conjecture, myth;  surprisingly, found myself “swimmingly” intrigued. There ... Read More »

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