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Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as the solitary, mathematical genius Alan Turing is stratospheric; his every nuance, prophetic stuttering, gleaning gesture resonate with profound empathy for a man whose intellect changed the world, saved countless lives, accomplished the “unimaginable”. Based on Turing’s book “The Enigma” the film faithfully follows his scrupulous mission at Britain’s Bletchley Park (members of MI6 and Government Code ... Read More »


The fecundity of director Wes Anderson’s imagination has never been so beautifully luminous, so poignantly poetic as in this enchanting, compelling slice of nostalgia; a pecan of a world and life only treasured,  experienced through the written word and a magical film. “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, influenced by the brilliant, prescient autobiography, “The World of Yesterday” by Austrian, Stefan Zweig ... Read More »

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