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“Sweet”, a word I’ve always shied away from (except when referring to dessert); rhyming with “meek”, “tweak”, “geek”, “reek” , just a wishy-washy word lacking pungency or redolence. “Learning to Drive” (based on an article written by Katha Pollitt) has changed my perspective on sweetness and its properties.

Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley shine as student and teacher in the midst of frenetic New York City; “Wendy” (Clarkson) has been dumped by her husband of twenty-one-years; retaliating, regrouping she elicits “Darwan” (Kingsley is perfection as her Sikh instructor) to aid her, in what metaphorically, is her “drive”  to freedom.  

Their relationship expands with the sharing of their cultures; mutual respect hints at a more promising, broader relationship, yet held in abeyance, because they are good, engaging, “sweet” people.

“Learning to Drive” is primarily a vehicle for fine actors to “strut their stuff”; I, for one, loved being along for the ride.




  1. Totally agree, Peneflix!!!

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