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Fellow Movie Lovers

Fellow Movie Lovers


Sequels or seconds rarely surpass or measure up to the original; not just in movies but in life. We have all revisited a place where the memories are so vibrant and sacred, chiseled, like granite, in the temple of our consciousness that revisiting those sites rarely ignites the same passion. Thomas Wolfe says we can not go home again; this same holds true for sequels.

Robert Downey, Jr. plays the quixotic, brilliant, innovative Tony Stark, aka the Iron Man. He is good but somehow lacks the flame of creativity , stunningly prevalent in the 2008 version; his performance is so staged and effortless that I had the feeling he was not really there; he was making his “to do list” while prancing around in his costume.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper) and Scarlett Johansson (Natalie) two super beauties in two supercilious roles; their dialogue so trite and vacuous that I was embarrassed for them.

Whenever I reach the looking at my watch or clandestinely checking my Blackberry stage I either have to leave or focus on other aspects of the film. There were two roles that I found riveting and saved me from the mindless purgatory I was quickly being subjected to.

Mickey Rouke (“Diner”, “The Wrestler”) was perfectly cast as the Russian, Whiplash; the evil scientific equivalent to “ the messiah”, Tony Stark. He plays the deleterious genius with such alacrity that the screen dulled with his absence.

And Sam Rockwell as the obsequious politician, Justin Hammer, imbues his character with a slippery, sinuous, deliciously evil charm that is intoxicating to watch; he is amoral to the core and try as we may, would not have him any other way.

“Iron Man 2”, is no exception to the second malaise; in film history the only sequels that outdid the original were “The Godfather” series, so rent those and wait for “Iron Man 2” to appear in DVD form; the wait will not be long!


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