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Fellow Movie Lovers

Fellow Movie Lovers

Many of you have asked if I review every movie I see. The answer is a resounding NO!

Some are totally non reviewable. Viewing them falls into the category of self flagellation. Case in point………


There is not enough chocolate in the universe to induce me to waste a precious brain wave on this atrocity.


Having read of Nicholas Cage’s financial debacles; aggravation with his money manager and the trials of divesting a myriad of castles, sprinkled around the globe. His quest for the material has imprisoned his common sense. Here we have a prime example of the Peter Principle as his character deteriorates his rank accelerates; hopefully he can blame a petit mal seizure on this despicable display of over acting. It is modern tragedy to see a talent so divine plummet to such depths.


As I sat in the theatre with seven other people I wondered what the rest of the movie goers knew that we didn’t.

As a major contemporary art aficionado I looked forward to this ironic parody of today’s art world. But alas what could have been a major entertainment was an exercise in excruciating dullness and boredom.

Adam Goldberg (oh, he with the perpetual scowl) plays a musician who decides to commit suicide if his talents and skills were not recognized within three years; in my estimation six months would have been sufficient. His scores (with a bucket as a major instrument) imitate John Cage, but totaling lacking his brilliance. His equally ungifted brother is a bland decorative art painter.

The only reason I suffered through this worthless exercise of endurance was the performance of the gallery owner, Madeleine, wonderfully played by Marley Shelton.

She had the “art speak” down to a science; she looked at a pin stuck in a wall and took it to the Zen level.

I read that a work of art has a soul; this film was artless, heartless and unequivocally soulless.

Three out of eight left the theatre in wonderment that less than two hours seemed like an eternity!


For Now……………..


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