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For those with a limited attention span, read no further. NO STARS for this useless piece of rubbish, that ranks as one of the worst movies of 2010; might even fall deservedly into one of the most atrocious and vainglorious films of all time.

This film is filled with volumes of sins; while the torments of purgatory were heaped mercilessly upon an audience who should have vacated the theatre ten minutes into this unmitigated travesty of nonsense.

1) You have four vapid, stupid, and superficial women who pride themselves on their New York sophistication. New York women unite, rebel and cleanse the tainted image so wrongfully painted by these insignificant aging ingénues.

2) Their atrocious designer costumes only enhance their conceited and hollow existence.

3) The dialogue so sophomorphic and idiotic one cringed with embarrassment.

4) They flaunt and succeed in insulting the mores of their host country…..Dubai.

5) Their vile language (especially Samantha) worthy of the filthiest gutter; filled with shameful sexual innuendo. They are defined by the insignificance of their limited myopic vision.

Never a fan of the popular television show; viewing this just reaffirmed my initial distaste. As this everlasting, excruciating film, plodded slowly to its conclusion; soon to be confined in the morgue of wasted celluloid, I thought of other experiences I would enjoy more: jet lag, walking barefoot in the Sahara desert, a seven hour Chinese opera, birthing quintuplets, or having to see the first “Sex and the City”!

A refund was not a possibility but I will rest peacefully knowing that I have rescued you from this horrific, despicable display of detritus!

For Now………..Peneflix

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  1. I agree completely! What an embarrassing movie!

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