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If only there were rules to keep this disappointing drivel from being distributed. From its inception to its finished embarrassment “Rules Don’t Apply” is Warren Beatty’s pejorative perspective on Howard Hughes’s diminished decline into his shameful dotage; harrowingly horrible, even if somewhat viable.

Aldren Ehrenreich as “Frank Forbes”, is young enough to erase this from his filmography; Frank is part of the hordes of sycophants Hughes enslaves.

Lily Collins as virginal, saccharinely naïve, religious “Marla Mabrey”; amazingly, after consuming a bottle of champagne, instead of regurgitating, morphs from wonderment to wantonness and pounces on, a pathetically prepared Howard.

Annette Bening (hopefully was compensated beforehand) is Marla’s, fanatically prayerful mother, “Lucy Mabrey”.  As Mrs. Beatty her performance must fall into an unbreakable clause in the prenuptial.

Asked frequently if I ever leave a movie; this is my first step on the road to recovery; never again will I subject myself to this filmic idiocy. A rule that will apply.


ONE STAR!  (The soundtrack was salvageable).




  1. Ha! I thought of you when I saw this. This swill is just a hair past endurable isn’t it. Alden Ehrenreich (who was scene stealing great in the Cohen Brother’s ‘Hail, Caesar’) is just going to have to squeeze his eyes shut and hope that this all goes away real soon. This is what happens when you indulge geriatric Hollywood royalty to the tune of millions of dollars that might be better spent making … well, just about anything else. This is what happens when you allow someone 40 years to cogitate on a movie script and four years of casting changes to finally make it. Annette Bening will just have to consider herself compensated by having been lifted from the ranks of the merely talented to Hollywood royalty by marrying the tedious lothario Beatty. Really it’s her bed now so she might as well lay in it but the rest of these talented actors just don’t deserve this.

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